Connecting to PolyData Using an Oracle Client or JDBC

Connecting to PolyData Using an Oracle Client

  1. Install an Oracle client on the workstation/server
  2. Configure the client to use the ITS TNS Name Service
  3. Reference the appropriate TNS service name when connecting to PolyData from your application (see table below)
TNS Service Names for PolyData
Description Service Name
Production PolyData Data Warehouse DWPRDDB
Test PolyData Data Warehouse DWTSTDB

Connecting to PolyData Using a Local TNSNAMES.ORA

  • If you need to connect to PolyData using a local TNSNAMES.ORA file, please contact the ITS DBA Support team for assistance.

Connecting to PolyData Using JDBC

JDBC Connection Properties
Note: The HOST and SERVICE_NAME parameters that include dwXXXdb will need to be updated to reflect the desired connection environment (i.e. dwDEVdb, dwTSTdb, or dwPRDdb)




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