User Guides

This page contains links to user guides related to the PolyData Data Warehouse.

User Guides
Title Description Date Posted
Obtaining or Upgrading an Oracle Client (PDF) How to obtain and upgrade the appropriate Oracle client via SRS 12/6/2011
Configuring Encrypted Database Connections (PDF) How to configure an Oracle client to use secure, encrypted database connections 12/6/2011
Testing Database Encryption (PDF) How to verify that your database connection is encrypted 12/6/2011
Connecting to PolyData Using an Oracle Client or JDBC How to configure an Oracle client or Java to connect to PolyData 10/27/2010
Using the Information Technology Services TNS Names Service How to configure an Oracle client to connect to databases using a TNS Names Service 10/27/2010
Student Administration Term Timeline (PDF) Description of the timeline for academic terms within Student Administration 10/10/2008


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