Identity Management

Identity Management is responsible for the identification, authentication and authorization infrastructure at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

What is Identity Management?

The Burton group defines Identity Management as:

" A set of processes, and a supporting infrastructure, for the creation, maintenance, and use of digital identities."

  • Integration of pertinent information about people from multiple authoritative sources
  • Processes that transform source data, derive affiliation information, maintain status of assigned, entitled or authorized information resources, and provision resultant data where it can be of use to applications.

 Identity Management is not just people:

  • Organizations
  • Accounts
  • Groups

Business Goals of Identity Management

  • Protect the interests and rights of Cal Poly
  • Satisfy the obligations of the university
  • Protect the interests of the individual

Integration with Cal Poly's authentication infrastructure may also require integration with Cal Poly's Identity Management Infrastructure. User credentials include a Cal Poly Username that must be mapped to the application's internal username. Application managers may need to work with Cal Poly's Information Management group to implement account provisioning to provide the application with information to add, change, and delete accounts.

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