How to Open and Download PolyData Reports (BI Publisher)


  1. Go to and sign in with your Cal Poly Username and Password. 
  2. In the left column under Single Click Links, click PolyData Dashboards
  3. To view and browse through all the files, select Catalog.
  4. On the left side of the screen, a sidebar is shown with folders containing all reports. Use this sidebar to navigate between the different reports.
  5. Click on a folder in the sidebar and the contents of that folder will appear on the right.
  6. To open a specific report, click Open under the report name.
  7. Some reports utilize prompts to further filter or select data. If prompts exist, select or enter an appropriate value.                  
  8. Click Apply and the report will appear below.
  9. There are multiple ways to download and/or run the report. 
    • Method 1
      1. Click the Actions Menu in the upper right corner. Hover on the Export menu to reveal the different download formats available. 
      2. Once you have selected the format, you will either be prompted to authorize the download or the download will start automatically. 
    • Method 2
      1. After opening the report, click the View Report menu that shows a similar list as the export menu. 
      2. Select a file type and the report will appear below. 
  10. You can also change view/download different file versions by repeating method 1 or 2 and selecting another file type. 



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