PolyData Dashboards (11g) Known Issues

Below is a list of current known issues with OBIEE 11g PolyData dashboards. Please contact us at polydata@calpoly.edu to report any problems you encounter.

Dashboards print to PDF date issue in footer


No export option by default on Click To Dashboards

Drill on Revenue and Expense Summary not passing Accounting Period Fixed
Print to PDF 500 Error Fixed
Export to Excel 2007 not working for some dashboards Fixed
Internet Explorer 11 Not Supported   Fixed


Safari browser bugs - Known Work-around

Oracle BI 11g's support for Safari and Google Chrome is sporadic. While the program will work on earlier versions of each browser, the latest editions are not fully supported. However, Oracle BI 11g fully supports all versions of Mozilla Firefox, so using it as your primary browser for Oracle BI 11g will circumvent many of the glitches that are reported while using other browsers.


Copy/Paste from dashboard analysis - Known Work-around

In Oracle BI 10g, it was possible to copy and paste directly from columns within the dashboard view. Unfortunately, due to enhancements made in other features of Oracle BI 11g, the system is no longer capable of copying directly from the dashboard view. However, pressing "Print" at the bottom of the dashboard and selecting "Printable PDF" will open a PDF copy that can be directly copied and pasted from.

Finance Property Dashboard Sort Bug

In the Finance Property Dashboard, if you sort a column with a Drill feature (such as Current Custodian Dept, Last Inventory Date or Current Location ) and then proceed to click on a row of that column, it will lead you to table of all the Asset IDs that belongs to that column.

Rather it should drill down to that specific Asset ID’s information.

There are 3 ways to overcome this bug:

  1. Do not sort from any drill columns. You may still click on any row of a drill column and it will drill down that that specific row.

  2. Sort from another column that is not a drill column, and proceed to click on a row of a drill column. The dashboard will perform correctly- drilling down to the single Asset ID.  

  3. You may sort whichever columns, with or without a drill. However instead of clicking on the a row of the column you sorted, click of the Asset ID or Tag Number. This will drill down to that specific row. From there you may select any of the drill column’s (Location History, Custodian History or Inventory History). The dashboard will perform correctly leading you to the appropriate information for that single row.

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